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Opsolution is the leading Analyst for optical generated skin data analysis. Our core competence as a biotech company, is to detect human biomarkers in human tissue and blood vessels. This is possible with the worldwide patented MSRRS sensor technology. It allows a user to generate a variety of endogenous vitality parameters.  By placing the sensor on the palm of the hand, biomarkers in different skin areas are detected and analyzed non-invasively. The development of associated evaluation algorithms and software applications for medical and wellness use are the main targets of our R&D department.

In cooperation with well known medical faculties worldwide, opsolution creates  and validates applications for customers worldwide.


After winning a European business plan competition, opsolution was founded in 2000 as a university spin-off. The entrepreneurs, consisting of oncologists, market researcher and economists, started with the goal of commercializing scientific findings from 20 years of research using optical reflection spectroscopy as a method to realize biofeedback for user.

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MSRRS Technology

Based on the patented MSRRS sensor technology, biozoom has succeeded in measuring important biomarkers non-invasively through the skin. Previously, important biomarkers could only be measured by taking blood samples and cost-intensive lab analysis. With the new sensor, biomarkers can be measured within seconds by placing the palm onto an optical sensor. The optical parameters are recorded by the palm sized scanner and sent to a central server by internet connection. There sophisticated algorithms perform the quantitative and qualitative evaluation and return the current level of the user’s biomarkers. Within a few seconds, the user receives the medically validated measurement result on his smartphone where it is explained and interpreted. In addition, recommendations are issued to improve his results and well-being.

The main advantage of a central evaluation is copy protection. Competitors can buy the scanner and analyze the hardware, but they have no access to the intelligent data processing and evaluation algorithms. Another positive side effect is, that the server-based service allows different business models. Frequency of use and expandable features (for example additional biomarkers) can individually be billed online. The amount of anonymous health data collected in this way worldwide is invaluable.  On the basis of this data, new algorithms can be developed and validated a posteriori.

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Great company culture and fantastic product

Hoshi Yamamoto

We use the technology for our company, since then we have generated twice as much sales!

Philip Bergmann

Great service and great value for money

Marten Peters



Opsolution GmbH

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