Opsolution monitors your nutrition and tells you whether you have enough vitamins inside your body to protect yourself against coughs and sneezes and lifestyle diseases. We also tell you when stress has a negative impact on your state of health and whether you undertake enough against anti-aging. provides you with a daily feedback of your body (biofeedback). In accordance with your body Opsolution shows you when something gets out of hands and helps you to readjust (coaching).

How does the Opsolution Scanner work?

Opsolution is exact, user friendly and analyzes in a non-invasive way data that is crucial for controlling und improving a healthy lifestyle. By an optical measuring procedure the scanner detects biomarkers in skin (like flavonoids, carotenoids and lycopene), that are decisive for your antioxidant level and therefore for your body’s defenses.

The Opsolution antioxidant scanner uses Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy (MSRRS) to precisely measure the antioxidant level. The used LED light is safe and absolutely pain free.

What do the Opsolution values explain

The antioxidant level is the result of the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the decrease of the associated protective function by a stressing lifestyle. For instance, the antioxidant level is reduced by excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep, private or occupational stress, and the unprotected exposure to sun. A just overcome or still enduring cold influences the measuring value negatively, as well.