The Opsolution technology can be used by everyone and everywhere as monitoring tool for health and wellbeing: As POS-optimized stand-alone display and handheld scanning device for usage with pc or tablet.

Opsolution monitors your nutrition and tells you, whether your body contains all important vitamins it needs to protect you against coughs and lifestyle diseases. It also shows you when stress has a negative impact on your well-being and whether you do enough to prevent early aging. The scanner provides you with a daily feedback of your body and helps you to establish a measurably healthier way of living.

Healthy nutrition is the foundation of for personal well-being. But can you really be sure that you are provided with all important vitamins you need to be protected against the strains of everyday live? With biozoom you can control, how your eating habits affect you body’s defenses. The scanner helps you to find your balance for a healthier way of living.
True beauty comes from within. This saying proves true for anti-aging. By healthy nutrition, sufficient sleep and protection against excessive UV radiation, you contribute the essential part to a naturally young appearance. A high antioxidant level strenghtens your body’s defenses, prevents your cells from damages and stops early aging processes. Daily biofeedback with biozzom tells you, whether you do enough to preserve your natural youth.
You want to get in shape, change your diet or get rid of bad habits? Biozoom shows you, how your daily behavior affects your health and that slight changes can already cause measurable improvements. Daily biofeedback motivates you to pay more attention to your well-being and stick with positive behavior modifications.